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5 Reasons to Get a Massage

A regular massage goes a long way in improving one’s health and state of mind. Some of the well documented reasons encouraging regular massages include:

1) Reduction of muscle tension

Massages such as sports and deep tissue massages promote better circulation, which in turn supplies more oxygen and nutrients to muscles. This results in removal of accumulated waste (usually lactic acid) from muscle areas. If unchecked, this waste leads to pain in affected muscles.

2) Stress relief

With chronic stress being associated with heart diseases, fewer sex hormone production and general poor body development, it is quite evident that it is to be avoided when applicable. Swedish massages offer this needed relief by increasing endorphins, dopamine and serotonin. These chemicals improve our moods, calm our bodies and leave us stress-free.

3) Improved sporting performance

Most athletes, whether professionals or amateurs, usually over work particular muscle sets depending on the sport. By including a sport massage to their regimen, athletes benefit by avoiding possible injuries to strained muscle tissues. These massages focus on common trouble spots (strained muscles). Additionally, a sport massage enhances an athletes flexibility, making their performances better while avoiding injury.

4) Improved metabolism

By applying pressure through to body points through massages one is capable of improving their metabolism. This implies that you would be able to absorb your body’s required nutrients from your meals more efficiently. Better metabolism is also associated with weight loss. Therefore massages are recommended to healthy diets while trying to reduce one’s weight.

5) Better sleep quality

Poor sleeping patterns tend to affect other aspects of our lives. With issues ranging from poor reaction time to added weight, lack of good quality sleep is an issue that needs checking. Studies have shown that massages are capable of reducing fatigue improving your sleep quality. This holds true for a wide range of people, from infants to the elderly.

Whether for medical reasons or otherwise, we stand to become healthier beings by having a massage from time to time. With a relaxed body and less stressed mind, it becomes easier to stay focused on the more important things.

4 Common types of Massages and their benefits

Massages have been used by different civilizations, mostly for their medicinal benefits. In today’s world however, they are often prescribed as supplements to contemporary medicine.

Some of the most common massage types include:

1.) Hot Stone Massage

Therapists recommend this form of massage for individuals suffering from muscle stiffness, arthritis as well as fibromyalgia. In a session, the therapist places smooth, heat retaining stones on affected areas. Other than easing muscular conditions, hot stone massages have also been known for improving circulation and metabolism.

2.) Deep Tissue Massage

With tendons and fascia being the main focus of each session, these type of massage is beneficial for individuals that suffer from chronic muscle tension. They aim at the deepest tissues of body muscle. Additionally, they reduce one’s heart rate and lower blood pressure. As they promote release of seratonin, they can reduce anxiety and improve moods.

3.) Swedish Massage

This is probably what people think of when talking about a massage. Characterized by long strokes in the direction of blood flow to the heart, this form of massage is aims at relaxing the entire body. Offering well-rounded benefits, it can be appreciated by the masses. It offers increased oxygen levels, reduced skin toxins, improved immune system (by increasing white blood cell count), offering better blood circulation and eliminating muscle tension.

4.) Sports Massage

Athletes of each sport usually strain particular muscles. Sports massages offer relief to an athletes overly-stressed body parts. They are in most instances added to an athletes schedule as part of their training regimen. They ensure athletes reduce chances of injury due to strain, enhanced flexibility and ensure optimal performance during events.

With many massage options available, it is essential that one picks out a regimen fit for them. Though usually offered as an addition to traditional treatment, one should always consult a physician before pursuing a course of treatment and make sure to always use a fully qualified massage therapist from a professional massage school.

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